Allen & Houston Magazine

Volume II Issue III: BEAUTY
When was the last time you really looked in the mirror? What did you see?
I would be lying if I told you I am pleased with the person I see there in the mirror. We are our own worst enemy. We judge ourselves so harshly, but we are all learning and improving every day, to do the best we can! This is what this magazine release is about – Beauty. “Beauty began the
moment I decided to be myself.” – Johanna Cheng, makeup artist @yingc_beauty . 
In the theme of Beauty, my
fellow creatives from around the world and I would like to remind everyone: we define our value of beauty. “A value that is eternal and
unchanging” – Alice Scheuerman, photographer @alicescheuerman. 
A sincere thank you to Chiu @chiu.calling , Christopher @chrispryde16, Jessie @jessiechieh_makeup,
Johanna @yingc_beauty, Mary @withmarys , Seyit @seyit.ares , and Shaghayegh @shaghayegh_tafreshi for all your time, effort, and passion. 
Without Alice @alicescheuerman , we
wouldn’t be able to share this important topic together. Vol II Issue III: Beauty is dedicated to you, Alice @alicescheuerman . Thank you for leading by example. Your motivation encourages us to be courageous
and truthful with ourselves, and in our work.
See bio link to join us on this release – Beauty. Let’s work on the relationship we have with our own view of beauty.
Issie Wing, Editor in Chief