About us

Shaghayegh Tafreshi, a Toronto-based fashion designer born in Iran, founder and creative director of SHAGHAYEGH TAFRESHI DESIGN IN ST CREATIVE HOUSE Corp. With a background in Architecture, Shaghayegh brings a unique perspective to her designs, catering to modern individuals who seek to express their creativity through fashion.

Shaghayegh's designs tell abstract stories, inspired by the human experience in the universe. Her creations dive into the complex connection between art and nature.

Wearing Shaghayegh's designs turns everyday streets into an outdoor art gallery. Each
person becomes a walking canvas, and those passing by are like art enthusiasts in an
exhibition, appreciating the beauty of these unique pieces. It creates a visual
conversation that adds a touch of artistry to the ordinary.

In addition to her creative vision, Shaghayegh is committed to sustainability. Most of her clothes are made-to-order, which helps reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of the fashion industry. This approach aligns with the brand's mission, focusing on producing designs of distinct quality and timelessness.

Shaghayegh's work has garnered attention, and she has had several successful runway shows in Canada. Through her brand, she continues to create new designs that embody her artistic vision while promoting environmental consciousness and encouraging self-expression.